Your Building


Based on our 10+ years of expertise in the Home Performance world, we are able to offer the best comprehensive solutions to enhance the safety and health of your building for your returning employees and clients. We can offer a strategy to make your building cleaner and healthier with cost-effective solutions and grants processing assistance. 


At EH Building Health, we understand that building health, cleanliness, and safety is not one size fits all. We have created a multi-faceted solution that determines the best, most cost-effective methods for improving the indoor air quality at your building.

Residential Homes

Let us help you make sure your home is the safe haven you want it to be.

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Retail spaces

Welcome your customers and staff back in the door while improving the safety of your store.

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Office Buildings

Take a deep breath knowing that you’re working to improve the air quality of the office to keep your staff safe.

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Industrial Spaces

Don’t let air quality concerns slow you down. We can help keep your warehouse cleaner and healthier for a more productive work space. 

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multi-family properties

Let us improve the air quality of the common areas in your community so residents and guests feel safe.  

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Food + Beverage

Improve the air quality, health, and safety of your restaurant to help your guests and staff feel safer. 

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Schools + Daycare

Ease parents minds and keep children safer with cleaner air quality in your facility. 

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