About Efficient Home

EH Building Health is a division of Efficient Home. We’re focused on helping our clients make their buildings safer and healthier for themselves, their employees and their customers. In addition to being the industry experts on building safety and health, Efficient Home provides energy audits and improvements for commercial property, multifamily owners and home owners throughout the Mid-Atlantic area.

EH Building Health

EH Building Health, a division of Efficient Home, is focused on helping our clients make their buildings safer and healthier for themselves, their employees and their customers. 

We offer assistance with making the indoor environment of your work space cleaner and healthier using a comprehensive approach with proven methods that include enhanced filtration, UV lighting and duct ionization.

Our multi-pronged approach covers:

  • Residential Homes
  • Retail Spaces
  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial Spaces
  • Multi-Family Properties
  • Food and Beverage
  • Schools and Daycare Centers

EH Commercial

EH Commercial provides energy efficiency retrofit services for existing commercial buildings, including multifamily properties.

We are a one-stop shop providing services from energy audits to installation. We stay up-to-date in the rebate, incentive, and grant programs across the Mid-Atlantic region to help you capture all possible funding for your project. We handle the rebate process while you enjoy the difference that energy savings will make for your bottom line!

Project Types:

  • Lighting, HVAC, appliance upgrades, insulation, air sealing, controls, building automation.

Building Types:

  • Multifamily, office space, retail, mixed use, warehouse space, sports facilities, restaurants, schools, banks, churches, places of worship, gas stations, parking garages, outdoor area lighting.

Efficient Home

Efficient Home is a one-stop shop providing home performance audits, energy checks and remedial repairs to improve your home’s efficiency, comfort and safety.

  • Quick Home Energy Checkups and improvements
  • Home Performance Audits
  • Cost-effective air sealing, insulation, HVAC, lighting, DHW, windows and doors
  • ENERGY STAR certifications
  • Deep energy retrofit whole house energy renovations

Our whole house approach saves you money on utility bills, improves your home comfort, and helps you to live healthier and more environmentally friendly today.

We deliver complete services throughout the Mid-Atlantic area, from Home Performance Audits through home improvements.